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Our team


Whether a VirtuMation's employee or sister company or a contractor, we all work as a team to find the best solution out there for our clients.




As a computer engineer began building IT systems and provide Graphic services for friends and family, since his small business DeltaTech Co. back in 1998 and getting involved with companies such as The Print Room and Prologic Technology Group in Arizona, USA came across their powerful network systems and contacted a wide range of clients explaining that they needed a database and network structure that would facilitate growth with no downtime, to not only grow exponentially, but created a powerful online presence and functionality for them as well.

Clients were thrilled with the results and services, and spread the word.

Then he decided to expand his passion in digital art, 3D modeling 

and animation as well as consulting with Prologic Technology Group to help many other businesses with their graphic challenges, and VirtuMation Inc. was born in 2007.

In order to expand the technology related services by incorporating other sister companies and experties in the market he opened a second location in Phoenix, Arizona, providing computer Hardware related solution under the VirtuMation umbrella by doing business as COMPUTECHNET in 2014.


He's a trusted name in Computer and Network Consulting, maintenance, and management.

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