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Online backup services
Worried about losing your information or valuable data?


We have the solution for you.    Just a call away  480.478.4000

Why back up your files?

Because bad things happen to files and computers all the time. Hard drives crash. Laptops get lost or stolen. Viruses damage or destroy files. Kids (and even adults) delete files accidentally. If you have valuable files you cant replace, the only real way to protect them is to back them up.
And online backup provides extra protection for your files, and makes getting your files back fast and easy.


For only $40 a month keep all you files safe and secure.

Remote Backup Benefits


Simply sit back and let backup do all the work for you. You barely have to lift a finger since it offers you:


  • No media or expensive equipment to buy. And no shuffling through stacks  of CDs or DVDs.

  • No need to remember to back up. Does it automatically and continually, in  the background.

  • Safe offsite storage. Your backed up files are stored in our highly secure  data centers  protected from theft, fire, spills and other home and office  disasters.

  • Security and privacy  We encrypt your files twice, just like banks do.  We use a combination of encryption techniques, similar to those used by  banks, to safeguard your data. Files are encrypted twice before they leave  your computer and remain encrypted on our servers, making it virtually  impossible for anyone to access your files without your secret password.   Users are also given the option to manage their own encryption key.

  • Choice  Back up as much or as little as you'd like.

  • Fast, easy recovery  Just a few mouse-clicks and you can restore any lost  file(s).

  • If your computer crashes or is stolen, you can recover lost files to a new  computer by visiting contacting our support team. Recovering small amounts  of data (a few files here or there) will probably take only seconds or  minutes. Restoring all of your data will take longer and depends on how  much data you have and the speed of your Internet connection. Most DSL  services will allow you to download about 600-800 MB per hour, or roughly  14-18GB per day. For an average user, complete data restoration is likely to  take at most a day or two.

  • Great customer service  Need help? Support is also available at all time.


What to expect with your initial backup?

  • Your initial backup may take a few days. That's because most high-speed Internet connections can back up only 2-3 GB per 24 hours. But don't worryyou'll know when it's complete, because the backup Icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen will turn green.In the future, backups will typically take only a few minutes. They all happen automatically and silently in the background while you work on your PConly new files and changes to existing ones are uploaded. You won't even know it is there! And it won't slow down your PC or Internet connection.


What will backup?

  • By default, it backs up everything in your Documents and Settings folder (called Users in Windows Vista), including documents, photos, email and data files from applications, such as Quicken, Money, etc. Once a subscription is purchased, music is also added to the list. The default backup does not include programs, system files, temporary files, videos, or individual files greater than 4GB. You can, however, manually add any of these to your backup.

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