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Residential Solutions

At home? Stock with a computer issue or question?


We are here for you ... 480.478.4000

24 hours a day, 7 days a week On-Site support (House Calls)

• 24 hours a day, 7 days a week On-Site support (House Calls)

• Software and Hardware Setup & Installations

• Upgrades and repairs

• Safety Solutions:  o  Virus removal, Anti-Virus software  o  Privacy and Security software  o  Stop Pop-ups  o  (Spyware and Adware removal)  o  Backups  o  Spam Protection

• Home networking:
  o  Wireless solutions
  o  Share internet connection
  o  Protection against hackers
  o  Share Printers
• Peripherals setup and configuration:
  o  PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) (for example PalmPilot, PocketPC etc.)
  o  Digital cameras
  o  Printers
  o  Scanners
  o  Web cameras
  o  MP3 players
  o  Photos and sound software
  o  Security devices
• User Training (All well known software packages)
• Help making a choice for new computer purchase
• Family web sites

DELL authorized Premier reseller: We'll help you build the computer that suits your needs.

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