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Data Recovery

Youve lost everything? Do not panic, may be not just yet!


We use forensic tools to recover your data. If your data or hard drive is already damaged we are not able to guarantee how much can be saved. It is also difficult to estimate the time required to recover your data, because often it is a long manual process where much depends on the extent of the damage. Still, in many cases your data can be saved.

What we may be able to recover:

  •  BIOS can detect your hard drive, we attempt to recover your data in-house,  
     even if you reformatted your drive.
  •  If your hard drive is completely dead we can send it to a partner lab that
     specializes on such cases and does only that kind of work.
  •  If your e-mails are lost in Outlook or Outlook Express, we may be able to
     recover them in some cases.
  •  If you deleted something and cleaned the Recycle Bin, very often we can
     restore everything.

What to do first?


If you suspect that your data is damaged and you may need to recover it, please turn off your computer immediately. Every single thing that you do after the first signs of a data loss may deteriorate the situation significantly. The more you use your computer with corrupted data on it, the less chances are for recovery. Do not delay, call us now!

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